Marketers are being forced to find new ways to be more creative, effective and above all accountable.

PLJ Marketing offers high level VIRTUAL Marketing Solutions. 

“Growing business is what we are all trying to achieve…helping our clients accomplish that goal is our business.”

Email, Internet and social media are effective and affordable ways to connect with your audience.

“…immediately fit in with our team and quickly targeted the areas that could have maximum effort on our business results.  Your work on the co-op program and our overall collateral can only be termed outstanding.  Your contribution this year put us over the top in a position to exceed our profit goals – which we will do…”
Bill McGarrity, President

”…understands the function of marketing and the bottom line results of driving sales.  This is so significant in insuring that the success and results are delivered ….”
Lucy Crow Billingsley, Co-Founder and Partner

“...detail oriented very professional...honesty, integrity and good character are beyond and management skills were a great asset to our growth...strength in business planning and strategy planning has been invaluable…”
Salwa Nicolas, Controller

“...immediately became an integral member of the management team ...winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration ...promotes talent and shares successes ... outstanding strategies and also effectively monitored all results... very outgoing, positive attitude and knows how to motivate...”
Deborah D’Artr, Human Resource Director

"...brings enthusiasm and experience...contributions are appreciated by peers as well as our global distribution partners...quickly gained the respect of the management team for consistently meeting commitments, delivering good product, and wisely managing the company’s seen as hardworking by her peers and maintains a positive outlook even under pressure."

Peter Falzon, CEO

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With over 50 years of combined experience in the eye care industry, call us for new or pre-owned equipment, marketing assistance or M&A interest.

Increase your success ratio by exposure and ensuring that you deliver the right message.

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Over twenty years of experience in planning is all about "Attention to Detail".

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Strategic Programs, Online & Offline Marketing, Events and more. Sales and Marketing Plans - an effective plan is an essential tool for a successful business.

"Experience, Risk & Knowing Your Limits!"