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NEW Canon Xephilio OCT-A1 Optical Coherence Tomography

Automated acquisition makes the OCT-A1 extremely easy to use and very easy to delegate!

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• Fast and easy OCT high quality image using fully
automated “3” click operation
• Integrated SLO provides live image of retina with

realtime auto retinal tracking
• High scan speed 70,000 A-scans/sec. with up to

13mm wide scan
• Axial optical resolution approximately 3 microns
• Minimum small pupil 3.0mm
• Programmable exam presets to enable multiple

scan modes in a single exam
• Multiple scan modes – Macula, Glaucoma, Disc

and more
• Retina and Tomogram displays
• 10 Layer segmentation and 3D layer display
• Same scan position for follow up exams with

identical scan parameters
• Mouse controlled operation (No Joystick)
• DICOM interoperability
• RX Capture for OCT-A1 software database

• Computer and Monitor included

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