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Work hard and live a quiet life...do it faithfully and be a positive force in society.   

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Put God First in Everything You Do

Debby D'Artra

Years of experience: 25+

Expertise: Finance, HR and M&A

Miko Jennings

Years of experience: 10+

Expertise: Marketing Communications

Doug Hook

Years of experience: 30+

Expertise: Sales and Customer Support

Back Door - About Doug Hook

With over 30 years of ophthalmic experience, Doug is one of those people who has the knowledge and support to help grow your business...the "back door" as referenced by one of our clients.            

Our Staff

Front door - About Paula Hook

Paula has been planning, creating and executing campaigns for over 25 years.

"...Paula brings enthusiasm and experience to each role she takes on..."

Peter Falzon, CEO, Avellino Labs                     

Paula Hook

Years of experience: 25+

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Events and Strategic Programs

Your Virtual Marketing Assistant...

Whether you just need marketing assistance or an entire program

Planned, Managed & Delivered...