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Avellino Labs selected Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

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The Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety has been recognized as transformative global health technology by The World Economic Forum (WEF) which named Avellino Labs a 2015 Technology Pioneer (view here). Avellino Labs was selected based on its unique story and potential to transform and impact global health. Past recipients include Google (2001), Wikimedia (2007), Mozilla (2007), Kickstarter (2011) and Dropbox (2011). Avellino News & Press Releases

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Avellino Labs has developed a unique DNA Test for LASIK and Refractive Surgery Safety. The company’s patent protected test provides fast, accurate and affordable results.  It screens for GCD1, GCD2, Lattice, Reis-Bucklers, and Thiel Behnke Corneal Dystrophies. Based on the tests results, patients and physicians can make informed decisions when considering vision correction surgery.  Buccal swab analysis is performed in our CLIA certified lab in Menlo Park, California and has been qualified as 100% accurate with no false positives in clinical trials.

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