*Doug Hook works collaboratively with RMelander & Associates, Bayou Ophthalmic and other approved companies representing new and pre-owned equipment.

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Alcon Wavelight Topolyzer $23,000 (2 weeks)
B&L Orbscan IIz (Includes 3.12 Z Software, Dual Core etc.) $19,500
B&L Orbscan II (Includes Win XP Pro, 3.12 Z Software) $ 10,500
Oculus Pentacam HR $49,000 (new CPU, Head Service, 1 year warranty)
Zeiss Atlas 995 $7,500
Ziemer Galilei G1  $17,000

Visual Fields:
Zeiss 750i HFA USB $16,500 (includes table)
Zeiss 750 HFA  $10,000 (add $500 if you need the table)
Zeiss Matrix 715 FDT  $7,500
Zeiss Matrix 800 FDT  $11,500

OCTs & Tomographers:
Heidelberg HRT3  $13,000
Optovue Rtvue OCT with CAM   $21,500
Optovue iVue OCT with laptop & CAM  $25,000
Zeiss Cirrus OCT Model 4000 Dual Core  $26,000
Zeiss Cirrus OCT Model 4000 Quad Core/Win 7  $30,000
Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000 w. 7.0  $10,000
Zeiss Stratus OCT 3001 w. 7.0 & P5 w Win XP  $11,000

IOL Masters, Biometers and A Scans:
Zeiss IOL Master Version 3 – spare parts for industry pros only
Zeiss IOL Master Version 5  $12,500
Zeiss IOL Master Version 500 $21,500

Misc. Diagnostic & Slit Lamps:
Konan CellChek Specular Microscope w Win XP CPU $11,000
Konan Non Con Robo Specular Microscope  $7,500
Lumenis CSO900 Haag style slit lamp & power table (ideal for lasers)  $4,500
Topcon KR8800 ARK  $6,500

Canon CX-1 Digital Fundus Camera  $13,500
Canon CR2 Plus Digital Fundus Camera  $10,000
Topcon TRC-NW8 Fundus Camera  $11,500 (includes digital system)
Zeiss Visucam Pro NM  $11,000

SLTs & Other Combo Lasers:
Coherent Selecta 7000 SLT Laser  $15,000 (new laser cavity)
Lumenis Selecta Duet SLT/Yag Combo Laser  $32,500
Lumenis Selecta II SLT Laser  $19,500  (new laser cavity)
Lightmed Lightlas Solo SLT  $22,000 (integrated into slit lamp, 2014 model)

Yag Lasers:
Alcon 3000LE (same as Laserex 3000LX)  $8,500
Coherent 7970  $8,750
Coherent/Lumenis Aura LQ5106 $12,000
Ellex Super Q $13,500  
Ellex Super  $14,000 (2012 unit, like new)
Ellex Ultra Q  $15,500
Laserex Ellex Super Q  $13,000
Laserex Ellex Ultra Q  $15,000 
Lightmed SYL9000 Lightlas Yag  $12,500
Lumenis Aura PT  $13,500 (current model, 2014)
Nidek YC1600  $11,500
Nidek YC1800  $14,000
Quantel Optimis II Yag  $13,000 (2016 DOM)
Zeiss Visulas Yag II  $10,500
Zeiss Visulas Yag II+ $12,500
Zeiss Visulas Yag III $13,500

PLJ Marketing

Pre-owned Products (updated 4-18-18)

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Green, Yellow and Red Diode Lasers:
Iridex Oculight GL w probe & pedal only  $10,500
Iridex Oculight TX w Zeiss style slit lamp attachment  $15,000
Iridex Oculight SLX 810 Laser w probe  $8,000
Iridex Oculight SLX 810 Laser w Haag style slit lamp attachment  $11,500
Iridex IQ810 MLT Laser w/Micropulse & Haag Style slit lamp   $14,000
Lumenis Novus Spectra 532 w Haag style slit lamp attachment $13,750
Nidek GYC1000 532 w factory Nidek slit lamp  $15,500
Nidek GYC1000 532 w Haag style slit lamp attachment  $13,750
Optimedica (Topcon) Pascal 532nm SLIM LINE Pattern Scan Laser  $24,500
Quantel Medical 577 Yellow Laser System w/Haag style slit lamp $17,500
Zeiss Visulas 532S with Heine Indirect (LIO)  $13,500
Zeiss Visulas 532s Console with pedal and remote only $10,000

Refractive Lasers:
Alcon LenSx Femtosecond Cataract Laser System $95,000 (Sale Pending)
Alcon Wavelight 400hz Eye Q Allegretto (International Version)  $79,000 (Industry pros only)
AMO Intralase Model 2 FS60 IEK  $45,000
AMO Intralase iFS 150hz  $97,500
AMO Visx S4 IR with Wavescan $50,000 (3xxx SN)
AMO Wavescan only (WS2)  $13,000
Dexta 905 Surgeons Stool for excimer & femtosecond lasers  $2,300

Phaco Machines & Microscopes:
AMO Compact:  We have full stock of spare parts, foot pedals, remote and handpieces – please inquire if you need anything
AMO Whitestar Signature with 1 FX HP $9000
Alcon Infiniti Phaco with Ozil  $8500 (no HPs)
Alcon Infiniti Phaco with Ozil  $10,000 (1 rebuilt HP)
Alcon Luxor Illumin-I AMP Ophthalmic Microscope  $25,500 (2014 unit)
Endure E7 Ophthalmic Microscope w Zeiss f170 Optics  $15,000
Leica Wild M651 Surgical Microscope  $6,000
Zeiss Visu 160 Microscope w S5  Stand  $17,000
Zeiss Visu 200 Microscope w S8 Stand  $26,000

Keratomes & Sterilizers: 
B&L XP Microkeratome with Zyoptix (White) Power Console  $12,750
B&L XP Microkeratome complete tray and motor (no console)  $7,500
B&L Hansatome Microkeratome Tray/Motor & Console $6,500
*We have all B&L XP spare parts, heads, rings, etc. in stock
**We have all Ziemer Amadeus spare parts, heads, rings, etc. in stock
***We have some spare Nidek MK2000 spare parts, inquire if needed
Moria Evolution 3 Console w foot pedals  $9,500
Moria Evolution 3E Console w foot pedals  $12,000Moria Epi K Motor w/metal ring $2,500