Up to $3,000 and coordination of services to help your prospective residents' transition during their move.  

 While there are 8 primary areas of need discussed, the credit is primarily used for packing, organizing and moving, because "moving/packing" is often the barrier to taking a first step.  

"...not only the pack and move, but there are so many things to do to get ready...the house and my  stuff, that I'm not sure when or how I'll get to it all..." 

PLJ Lifestyles

So, not only is it a big (#1) issue for community leasing agents, as a barrier for prospective residents, it's also the biggest issue for most seniors who own a home and do not wish to "age in place" or keep their house until past a point it becomes a burden more than asset.   

In fact, home appreciation is often reversed by failure to maintain and update.  Worse, often, lack of maintenance ends up increasing repair expenses and emotional stress.  

Then, worsening health or home conditions wind up accelerating move-out decisions after it's too late to get back the most home equity.

The Hollers Team Realtors - Concessions for Seniors